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[Completed] ohmygikwang->chocosong giveaway

So as I’ve said before, I’ll be changing my blogging style (?) really soon to less of a k-pop focus (will not mean I won’t be reblogging k-pop related posts or anything). As you can tell, I’ve already changed my url and I know it’s a btch move, but I still have ohmygikwang saved because I’m still too attached to it to give it up. ;~;

Anyhow, as a thank you to everyone who has followed me and dealt with… me pretty much, I’m going to be giving away my extra copy of Infinite’s latest mini album, “Infinitize.” 2nd-5th place winners will receive a pair of Big Bang character socks. 

Things to note for contest:

  • You do not have to follow me
  • Open internationally
  • Winners will be contacted through their ask boxes
  • Please reply privately with your full name, address (including zip/postal code)
  • Contest will end October 28th @ 8PM MST

How to enter:

  • Reblog once for one entry
  • Like once for one entry
  • Submit video for one entry (more info on this after the break)

**That is a total of three possible entries~

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to message me!

*More after the break* 

Things to note for album/socks:

  • Album has been opened (to see who it was for the hidden track)
  • Album image links: 1 2 3 4
  • Contains Sungyeol hidden track
  • Character socks are: Seungri, Daesung, Taeyang, and TOP
  • Character socks image link: 1
  • Choice of character will be a first come first serve basis (eg. if you get back to me first after I message you, you will get first choice of which character sock you want)
  • If you do not want the socks, then please reply privately that you would like to opt out.
How to receive the extra entry through video:
As a lot of people know, K-Pop has become very very big. We sing/dance it in the car, in the shower, with our friends, at karaoke, while we’re shopping, etc. Pretty much this entry is a way for you to have an excuse to make a YouTube video of you dancing/singing/rapping/whatever something to do with K-Pop
  • It can be a parody, a cover, an original song, etc.
  • Use your imagination~!
  • Videos will not be judged, this is purely for fun and another entry!
  • Please submit your entries by linking me your YouTube video in my submit box.
  • It can be something you’ve already made in the past, or something you made because of this contest!
  • Non-KPop related videos will not be accepted as an entry.

Again thank you all~ Y’all have made my tumblr experience very very enjoyable :3

Good luck to everyone! ^0^

September 16th, 2012
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    Contest ends in about 9 hours! It turns out I might be going out for dinner, so I won’t be able to announce the winner...
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